Long Sleeve Abaya Dress (Top)


Key features:

• Classic Modest Design: Women’s long-sleeve abaya dress is contemporary, classic, and of good quality which is unyielding and comfortable to wear.
• Soft and Light Flowy Material: The modish and charismatic long-sleeve abaya dress is made from our incredible comfy and comfortable airy fabric which is breathable and suitable for hot climate and summers.
• Double Layered Design: Flexible soft fabric dress does have a double layer and easy fitting which gives you full-body coverage and a comfortable feel. Completely serves the purpose of wearing a burqa!
• Skin-Friendly Breathable Fabric: This Long Sleeve Abaya Dress is thick enough, skin-friendly, and has room to breathe. Appropriate for hot climate.
• Multipurpose Usage: The delicate and attractive Long Sleeve Abaya Dress is perfect for Hajj & Umrah.
• Material: 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex.
• Sizes: Large, Medium and Small.
• Comes in White or Black colours.

Long Sleeve Abaya Dress (Top)
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